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Shifting focus from disease to wellness. 

What we do

We're on a mission to improve health and quality of life.

Chronic Care Management Nurse
Mission: Chronic Care Management +Improved Access + Wellness Coaching

Empowering Medicare Patients with access to Care Teams and technology that is simple to use, drives healthier choices, informed decisions and improved coordination of care. We help physician organizations drive patient satisfaction up, improve patient health status and in the process help our clients get reimbursed by Health Plans.

How it works

We've got the Experience, Talent and Technology.

And a proven "secret ingredient".

1. Identify
patients that benefit the most

Stratify patients based on clinical and demographic indicators to begin outreach and recruitment in Chronic Care Management.

2. Enroll
Get patient buy in

Run marketing and outreach campaigns via different channels to maximize reach, education and enrollment into the program.

3. Engage
Drive outcomes

Collaborate with patients and their physicians to develop comprehensive plans that result in better quality of life for patient and greater satisfaction with Physician Organization. Monitor, track, engage, intervene to keep improving on what matters most to patients. 


Stats and Figures

Over $366K

 Potential Annual revenue for chronic care management services per 500 patients.

 Over $26 Billion

Amount spent on readmissions by Medicare. $17B is considered avoidable. Add value to your care by reducing unecessary hospitalizations. Prepare for the future.

Over $4 Billion

Cost of preventable medication errors Reduce outpatient medication errors by 50% within first 6 months.

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